Who Is The Best Cloud Storage You Can Trust?

Best Cloud Storage for Personal Use

If you are individual who wants to store your photos and music to the cloud, the 3 providers below provide one of the best cloud storage solutions around. When you are storing personal data, chances are you don’t need a lot of features like the business owners do, for example the ability to edit files online. Therefore in my opinion it is really NOT necessary to pay the extra bucks and leave the features untouched.

These 3 providers have their own strengths and weaknesses but they share one thing in common, which is their dedications in maintaining a high quality service. You should go ahead and read my first-hand experience with them.

Best Cloud Storage for Business Use

If you are a small – medium business owner, the personal cloud storage is NOT for you. When come to storing your business data (that usually includes sensitive information like customer details, financial accounts, contacts, contracts etc) you need a more robust service with some tailored made features created purposely for business owners. Trust me, those features save your day!

As an online business owner myself, I’m currently using SugarSync to backup my website files, emails and etc. Are they good? Absolutely! I find them not only fit the job perfectly they exceed my expectations. Even now after 6 months of using, I still stumble upon some smart features in SugarSync. No wonder they are heavily awarded in the industry.

What is Cloud Storage?

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage as the name speaks – storage in the cloud! Wherever you go, whenever you want, the cloud is always above, readily to serve you.

Cloud storage works exactly like your laptop’s disk space but it has your data managed and backed up so that you will never lose them by any chance. Cloud storage also makes your data available through the Internet. You can easily access them whenever there’s a network.

What Can You Store?

As of what to store, you can basically store anything and everything to the cloud. The cloud storage could be your media library; document archive and address book. However the best practice is to not store sensitive information like your passport copy and credit card details. Why? Because it’s always good to leave a line between the virtual and the real world. If you get what I mean :)

The Choices You Have

Choice of Online Storage

Generally there are 2 types of cloud storage, listed below. What differ them depends on how they backup your data to the cloud.

1) Archive Storage

Imagine a vault to keep your data. You handpick the individual file/ folder and lock them up inside a vault. The file will be left untouched until the next automatic/ manual backup. That is archive cloud storage.

2) Synchronized Storage

Synchronized storage usually appears as a folder. This storage is meant for files that are modified on a regular basis, for example a doc you are working on. The doc will be updated real time and synchronized across devices immediately. In SugarSync’s term, they call it Magic Briefcase.

Usually providers will include both type of storage in their package; some will allow you to choose which type of storage to subscribe, like LiveDrive.

Choosing The Best Cloud Storage

Choosing The Best Cloud Storage

When come to choosing the best cloud storage, personal experience is very important, regardless of what others tell you, including my reviews. You have to try it yourself. So to get you started, this is what you should look out.

A cloud storage service consists of 2 parts: 1) Storing the data to the cloud; 2) Accessing the data on the go. A good provider will make sure the 2 processes are smooth as butter. With that in mind, play around with the processes and see if you can justify them with the criteria below.

  1. Great speed – especially the download speed. You don’t want to get stuck when you are on a rush to get a file.
  2. Easy to use – it should be an user-friendly solution.
  3. Accountability & reliability – is your data up to date across devices?
  4. Value for money – if the same thing can be done with $1, why pay $2?
Top 10 Cloud Storage

Who Is The Top 10 Personal Cloud Storage 2014?

Backup unlimited files, 100% automatic, support multiple devices & OS, user-friendly & much more.

Top 10 Cloud Storage